5G technology and its potential applications has taken the news by storm. Many countries like China, Korea, UK, US are at its final stage of pilot testing and have plans to roll out the 5G networks in a big way. The 5G network technology is touted to be a disruptive force to many existing businesses globally.  Are we at the tipping point of massive 5G adoption? What are the opportunities offered by 5G?

This workshop aims to provide a comprehensive perspective for managers and business decision makers to appreciate 5G technologies and how it can be and have been applied in various case studies, such that sound business decisions can be made. The course covers the 5G technology overview at a manageable level to non-technical persons, followed by detailed coverages on real trials and projects with emphasis on various business drivers. The facilitator will also discuss and compare alternate technologies and how they may be deployed. The workshop ends with discussion on new business opportunities related to 5G network deployments and other associated devices.

What You Will Learn

At the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the digital technology trends and its progression in mobile development history to 5G
  2. Understand the basic of 5G technology and its business impacts
  3. Appreciate the application and deployment of 5G in various applications
  4. Appreciate the benefits and challenges of 5G in applications
  5. Appreciate the business drivers of 5G deployment

Who Should Attend

Middle to Senior management responsible for the strategy and P&L of enterprises who are looking for opportunities and possible alternatives offered by 5G technology



Course Methodology

Two-day seminar and interactive techno-business workshop.

Course Duration

3 day(s), 9am – 6pm for Classroom training (7.5 hours per day excludes lunch and breaks)

Course Structure

Modules and duration:

Day 1:

  1. Industry mega trends updates
  2. Overview of 5G technology
    • History of mobile communication from 1G to 5G and the business drivers
    • 5G technology standards, regulators and the certification processes
    • Different flavours of 5G and the related business impacts
  3. Real and Tested 5G Applications (we may not cover all depending on audience interests)
    • Automotive and logistics
    • Buildings and campuses
    • Smart cities
    • Media and entertainment
    • Factories and warehouses (IR 4.0)
    • Oil exploration, refining and mining
    • Healthcare
    • Agriculture

For each business case, the business problems/challenges, how 5G offers a viable  solution, the state of development of such solutions will be discussed at concept level . Participants are welcomed to bring their favourite solution for discussion too.

Day 2:

    1. 5G solution deployment case study
      • Business and Industry drivers
      • End-to-end solution including ecosystem
      • Business model
    2. Other considerations:
      • Legal and industry regulations
      • Data and network security, privacy, use of Artificial Intelligence
      • Health and Safety
    3. Business Model Canvas exercise
    4. Alternatives to 5G
    5. Infrastructural opportunities and new 5G devices

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