Social Media is increasingly being used as a support channel to complement voice, email and shop visits. But doing a good job with social media support is very difficult.

This 1-day workshop discusses the benefits and challenges  of using social media for support. How it is same yet different compared to traditional support channels.

Many companies find social media support easy to start but difficult to scale and get it right. Customers using social media seem very hard to please. And some posters seem adamant to bring the brand down. We will cover the Best Practices in Social Response and the types of KPIs used to measure success.

In this 1-day workshop, we shall discuss:

  • Current Pain Points of Enterprises
  • Why is Social Media Response so difficult?
  • How Social Response fits into Digital Transformation?
  • Social Response Best Practices
  • People, processes and technology of Social Response
  • What are the key metrics of Social Response?
  • How to map these to Enterprise KPIs?
  • Sample metrics for Social Response Return-on-Investment