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The recent COVID-19 pandemic has driven companies to adopt digital technology to continue their business. But those who fail to do so will see their customers move to other products and service providers. Technology is no longer just a way point on your road map.  Now is the time to make technology adoption real. Co-create with innovative and creative minds using technology to bridge distances.

Do you feel intimidated, wondering how to start on your journey to digitalization? Let us help you.

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We are a boutique consulting operation specialising in collaborative learning and working, and co-creation. We also provide social and web analytics to drive collaborative work and build online communities.

Among teams in your company

Between you and your business partners

Between your company and your customers

Our Courses

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Harnessing Communities and Social Media for Enterprises

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Best Practices for using Social Media in Enterprise Customer Care


An Introduction to Collaboration and Co-creation


Building and Growing your Online and Offline Communities


Maximising the use of collaboration platforms and technologies


Vision and objectives of collaboration, organisation culture


Facilitation and working across cultural barriers using technology


Why we can help you

Our vision is to make collaboration and co-creation a common feature between organizations and companies in Singapore and ASEAN.

Our principal has over 30 years of experience working around the world, with companies large and small, across different cultures, from CEOs of billion-dollar companies to innovators in startups. As management and business consultant and as project manager, he has designed and facilitated workshops with these companies to draw out the best of its people and their corporate partners so that they can work collaboratively to solve problems in many new arenas.

Some of these companies have harnessed the power of their customers and fans to co-create new products and services, products that customers WANT.

For a complete profile of our Principal and Director, please click here.

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