Harnessing Communities & Social for Enterprises

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Harnessing Communities & Social for Enterprises2019-01-03T22:01:31+08:00

Social media has once again taken the spotlight this year, for bad reasons. But social is very broad and poorly understood. There are other forms besides Facebook, Twitter, WeChat and Instagram which have different uses based on their strengths and weaknesses.

The power of social can be harnessed to benefit enterprises significantly, such as improving support, co-innovating with customers and word-of-mouth sales. These have tried and tested in other countries in SE Asia.

In this 1-day workshop, we shall discuss:

  • Current Pain Points of Enterprises
  • What is Social?
  • What are Social Media and Communities, and When to use Which
  • Social media, Communities and Digital Transformation
  • Facebook is NOT Everything
  • Utilising Gamification
  • What are the business benefits of Communities?
  • Case Studies: Social for Support, Innovation and Sales
  • The Launch process of a Community
  • What are the key metrics of a Community?